Friday, March 8, 2013

Money Saver: Homemade Baby Food Purees

When I go to the store to purchase food for Bud I end up spending $0.78 to buy a teeny little jar of baby food.  For 24 jars that's $18.27 (not including tax) to feed Bud for 12 days.  Why spend that much when I can make my own baby food for half the price?

Yesterday I went to the store and picked up 6 bananas and 3 sweet potatoes.  They cost a total of $3.37 (not including tax).  I headed over to my parent's house (because they have a better blender) equipped with my purchases, muffin tins, and cupcake liners.

I cooked the yams in boiling water until they were fork tender.  *Tip: I thought I would have to peel the potatoes.  Not so!  My mom told me that after they are boiled we shock them in cold water and the peels come right off.  Saved me tons of time.  Thank you mom!

While the sweet potatoes were cooking we pureed the bananas in the blender with a little water for desired consistency.  I do not have the fancy machines or any little jars to store the baby food in.  So instead, I lined the muffin tins with the cupcake cups, and poured generous helpings of banana into each liner.  Then I took them out to the freezer.

We blended the sweet potatoes in the food processor because they were a little too thick for the blender to handle.  We added water until it was nice and creamy.  When all was said and done I had 24 filled cupcake liners that cost $0.14 a piece (maybe $0.15 if you include the cost of the cupcake liners).  Each cupcake liner is supposed to be about the same amount as a Gerber #2 baby jar.

When I got home I saved out 2 of my new purees in the fridge and put the rest in the freezer for later.

Today Bud tried the purees for the first time.  *Note: The bananas will get darker, as you can see above, but they still taste just fine.  

Here come the bananas.

I think he liked them!

He ate every last bit.

The best part about keeping the purees in the cupcake liners is that you simply throw them away.  No clean-up (except the spoon).  For lazy people like me who dislike doing the dishes that is a major bonus!

While I was at my parent's house yesterday I also brought a couple cans of corn and beans and pureed them.  My mom was kind enough to lend me a quart of her canned peaches and pears as well.

When all was said and done I had 60 purees.  It only took 2 hours, but hey should last us the entire month!  Yay!

If you want more fun puree combinations check out The Fitnessista.  She has recipes for pumpkin and banana, broccoli and apple, oats (apple, pear, banana) and so many more.

Happy money saving!

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