Friday, August 16, 2013

Harry Potter Party Decorations

If you need some tips and pictures to help you put together your own Harry Potter party you have come to the right place.  Let me walk you through Diagon Alley, The Great Hall, Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom, and more.

After coming in through platform 9 3/4 my Harry Potter you would arrive at Honeydukes where you could grab a quick treat before entering Diagon Alley.

Walking through Diagon Alley you could visit Olivander's, perhaps pick up a copy of the Daily Prophet, or admire the broomsticks.  

Time for dinner in The Great Hall.

The sorting hat.  I simply pinned some brown fabric over a witch hat.

You would either be sorted into either Gryffindor or Slytherin.  Here is the Slytherin table.

The Gryffindor table.

Candles and owls hung in the sky.  I used little tea candles (look for them around Christmas time).  I made the owls using fleece, felt, a Sharpie, tacky glue, and batting for stuffing.  My children adore those little owls!

They looked cute during the day...

But at night they looked amazing!

Why is it everything looks better at night?

In the kitchen there were some cook books.

If you get lucky, you may even spot a house elf.

The banquet table.

Owls and candles everywhere (cheap and cute!).

Time to explore Hogwarts castle.

Here is the moving staircase complete with a Hogwarts crest and teacher portraits.

If you head upstairs you would find Gryffindor common room.  Password?

In the Prefect's Bathroom there was a mermaid on the mirror (sorry it's hard to see).  I traced a mermaid with Sharpie markers onto Saran Wrap.

Here's the egg that Harry got from the dragon.  I used a paper mache egg from Hobby Lobby, painted it with gold acrylic paint, and hot glued on the gemstones.  I then filled a vase with fish tank pebbles and set the egg on top.

It's hard to see, but the tub was full of bubble bath and glow sticks.

Ooh!  Aah!  I also brought a bubble machine so that bubbles would fall around anyone using the bathroom.

Outside you would find Herbology class.

Down in the charms class we had feathers flying all over the room.

In Charm's class we had an Alohamora Horcrux Hunt.  Check it out HERE.

Here's the little library.

There was a crackling fireplace with floo powder (Fun Dip) sitting in a bowl next to it.  Click HERE if you would like to use the same fireplace video for your party.

Meanwhile, near Moaning Myrtle's bathroom...

Hermione must have been working on some polyjuice potion.

Snakes everywhere!

A little surprise for those who needed to use the toilet.

Last, but not least, in the dungeon we find potion's class.

Come on down.

Snape really needs to tidy up.

Once the lights were turned down and the black light was turned on everything looked amazing!

I hope you enjoyed your walk through Hogwarts.

Now, I am going to flood you with links to all of the printables.  Your printer might be disgruntled by the time you're done.

Click here for:
Book Covers from Sisters, Sisters
I Solemnly Swear that I am Up to Know Good Printable from Sugar Tot Designs
Party Station Signs from My Cotton Creations
Potions Printables from Over the Big Moon
Potions Printables from visualizeus
Wanted Posters from Just Sweet and Simple (I had these scattered all over the house.  You will love them!)  

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  1. What a wonderful party! Thank you for posting the ideas, the photos, the links....

  2. Thank you. We had a blast. It has been the favorite family party by far (followed by the mission impossible spy training party). If you are also planning a Harry Potter party I hope this has helped!

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