Tuesday, June 30, 2015

30 Sucks Birthday Bouquet

My hubby turned 30 this year.  SO OLD!  Okay, it's not really, but this is the only chance that I have to tease him about it before it's my turn next year (yikes!).

I wanted to make hubby a fun, little gag gift.  I bought some dum-dum suckers and a foam ball to stick them into.  I already had the vase and ribbon on hand.  Using scissors, I cut the foam ball into a cone shape on the bottom so that it would fit into the vase.  Then I stuck suckers all over.  I finished up by making a tag and tying on the bow.  Voila!  A silly little gag gift that made my hubby smile.  (He thinks I'm a little crazy.  Maybe he's right.)

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