Parties & Activities

Getting closer to family is what this blog is all about.  Enjoy these super fun date, family activity, and party ideas!

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Ballerina Party
          -Ballerina Cake
Car Party
          -Car Cake
Dragon Party
          -Dragon Cake
Ladybug Party
Monkey Party
My Little Pony Party
Owl Party
          -Owl Cake
Pretty Princess Party
Rainbow Magic Fairy Party
Under the Sea Party
          -Sandcastle Cake

Aladdin Family Fun Night
Clue Party (Halloween)
Doctor Who Outdoor Decorations
Family Read-a-Thon
Grinch Feast (Christmas)
Harry Potter Party (Master List - Links to food, decor, & games)
          -Food: Feast & Honeyduke's Candy Shop (Links to recipes and labels)
          -Hogwarts Decorations (Links to labels, posters, and so much more)
          -Platform 9 3/4 Decorations
Harry Potter Party Activities (These links go to my sister site that is dedicated to movie-themed activities)
          -Charms Class: Alohamora Horcrux Hunt
          -Mandrake Pudding Cups
          -Muggle Quidditch
          -Olivander's Wand Shop
          -Photo Booth
          -Potions Class: Magic Bubbles
          -Transfiguration Class: Animal Changing Game
Lord of the Rings Date Night
Mission Impossible Spy Training 
My Little Pony Activities
Pajama Spa Party
Polar Express Ride (Christmas)
Witch Pitch Game (Halloween)

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