Teaching preschool is such a rewarding experience.  I love watching each little face light up when they learn something new.  Here are some preschool/toddler ideas for you.  Enjoy!


Food-Themed Lessons:
  • A is for Apple - Short "a" sound, color red, writing capital A, number 0, art project
  • B is for Blueberry - "B" sound, writing capital B, number 1, color blue, circle shape
  • C is for Corn - Hard "c" sound, writing capital C, number 2, color yellow, square shape
  • D is for Dill Pickle - "D" sound, writing capital D, number 3, color green, rectangle shape, science experiment
  • E is for Eggnog - Short "e" sound, writing capital E, number 4, color white, heart shape
  • F is for Fish - "F" sound, writing capital F, number 5, color pink, star shape

Mommy School Lessons:
  • A is for Ant & Healthy Bodies - Letter A, an introduction to the food pyramid, exercising, and stretching, counting to 10, ant art projects, and a cute ant snack
  • Bug Lesson - Exploring bugs, spider web team building activity, Little Miss Muffet science experiment, counting, egg carton art project
  • Color Lesson - Scientific method, movement activity, color video, rainbow snacks, fine motor skills, basic patterns
  • Happy Home Lesson - Letter D, homes, similarities & differences, positive attitude, scissors & gluing, large motor skills
  • Heart-Themed Lesson - (Valentine's Day) Letter B, simple estimation, about me/hobbies, counting to 5
  • Let's Learn About Families - Letter C, families, similarities & differences

Nursery Rhyme/Fairy Tale Lessons:


Art Activities/Projects:

English Activities/Projects:

Math Activities/Projects:

Science Activities/Projects:


  1. Wow...this is very helpful! We're learning letters right now, and dedicating a letter a day is an awesome idea, and more achievable than all at once. Thanks so much for sharing your great ideas!

  2. Thank you. I hope you have tons of fun with the lessons.