Teaching my children about God is of the utmost importance to me.  Here are some ideas that your family will love.


Gospel Principles Manual:
Holy Ghost
Life of Christ

Our Heavenly Family

Praying to Our Father in Heaven

Premortal Life

Prophets of God

Steps of Repentance
There is a God

The Nature of God

The Priesthood

More FHE Lessons:
Give Your Very Best
A Positive Attitude
I Love to See the Temple 
Love at Home
Lucky to Have a Testimony

Prayer: A Link to God

Prepare for Conference

Speaking Kind Words

"Thinking of You" Game

4 Corners
Conference Basketball
Conference Snack Bowls
Conference Topics Nail Painting
Fruit Loop Necklaces (Printable)
General Conference Round-Up (30+ Activities) 
General Conference Mix (Printable)
Halloween Conference Nails (Printable)
Words of the Prophets Talking Mouth


Jesus is the Light of the World
Waiting for Jesus FHE Lesson

7 Days 'Til Easter Scripture Activity
Walking with Jesus - Day 1
Walking with Jesus - Day 2
Walking with Jesus - Day 3

Walking with Jesus - Day 4

Walking with Jesus - Day 5

Walking with Jesus - Day 6 
Walking with Jesus - Day 7 
Walking with Jesus - Day 8


ABC Quiet Book
Book of Mormon Reading Charts
Book of Mormon Stories Videos

Old Testament Quiet Book

Super Monkey Singing Time Visual


  1. What have you done to teach your children about the Sabbath day? It's being emphasized more and more by the Brethren and your ideas are always so helpful.

  2. @happyhart My kids and I sat down one day and set goals for our Sabbath day. Princess decided she would write down some of the things she heard that meant something to her. Goofy told me that she will try harder to sing the hymns. We are working on sitting still on the bench with Bud. When we get home and have lunch we talk about what the children learned and expound on it. Sometimes, I like to do follow-up family home evening lessons to really drive certain points home.

    Other things that we do to make sacrament meeting special is that we don't use any sort of phones or tablets, we don't take food (I find it distracting for the kids and everyone around us), and we take Friend magazines and pictures of Jesus to look at.

    There are lots of things we could be doing better - like getting to church early to listen to the music and prepare ourselves to have the spirit.

    I would suggest holding a family council and deciding on what things you can do with your own family to improve your Sabbath day.