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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

100+ Holiday Crafts for Kids

Looking for crafts to do with your kids this holiday season?  Look no further!

I was asked to teach a class on holiday crafts for kids.  My kids and I put together as many crafts as we could in a week and I thought I'd share the results.  The point of this post is that you'll find something you like and try it out with your kids.  Click on the links for materials and instructions.  (I will update the links as I write the posts.)  Enjoy!

  1. Paper plate candy corn banner
  2. Candy corn flowers
  3. Candy corn turkey
  4. Pom-pom painted candy corn
  5. Footprint candy corn
  6. Button pumpkin
  7. Popsicle stick corn
  8. Bubble wrap Indian corn
  9. Beaded Indian corn
  10. Paper pumpkin ornament
  11. Textured crayon pumpkin
  12. Fruit loop Indian corn
  13. Button Indian corn
  14. Thumbprint pumpkin patch
  15. Paper plate pumpkin wreath
  16. Apple stamp pumpkins
  17. Popsicle stick pumpkin puzzle
  18. Footprint Indian corn

    19.  Thankful leaf garland
    20.  Leaf prints
    21.  Leaf rubbings
    22.  Q-tip autumn leaf tree
    23.  Leaf feather turkey
    24.  Turkey bookmark
    25.  Painted leaves
    26.  Hand print sunflower
    27.  Fingerprint feather turkey
    28.  Paint resistant glue owl
    29.  Craft stick pumpkin pie magnet
    30.  Celery print owl
    31.  Craft stick scarecrow
    32.  Tissue paper leaf wreath

    33.  Paper bag teepee
    34.  Felt owl pillow
    35.  Corn I-spy bottle
    36.  Pine cone turkey
    37.  Corn luminary
    38.  Apple cider play dough
    39.  Give thanks blocks
    40.  Pine cone owl
    41.  Toilet paper roll pumpkin
    42.  Paper plate beanbag/pumpkin toss
    43.  Paper Mayflower
    44.  Owl balloon
    45.  Pine cone pumpkin
    46.  Turkey cone hat
    48.  Pilgrim hat crayon holder
    49.  Quills for kids
    50.  Pilgrim hats
    51.  Indian headbands
    52.  Egg carton pumpkin
    53.  Popsicle stick football game

  1. Q-tip snowflakes
  2. Fuzzy tissue paper mitten
  3. Gingerbread man garland
  4. Santa hand print
  5. Popsicle stick Santa/Elf
  6. Hand print mitten
  7. Foam antler headband 
  8. Craft stick Rudolph bookmark
  9. Rudolph nose picture prop
  10. Clothespin reindeer
  11. Fruit loop candy cane
  12. Pom-pom candy cane
  13. Craft stick Santa hat
  14. Melted snowman ornaments
  15. Marshmallow snowman
  16. Pony bead candy cane ornament
  17. Scrap paper Christmas tree
  18. Fingerprint candy cane
  19. Plastic spoon snowman
  20. Fingerprint snowmen
  21. Tea light snowman
  22. Paper plate and cotton ball snowman
  23. Craft stick Christmas tree ornament
  24. Spinning paper Christmas tree
  25. Spinning paper snowman

    26.  Hand print penguin
    28.  Hand print snowmen ornament
    29.  Jesus in the mirror ornament
    30.  Wooden name tag ornament
    31.  Doily angel
    32.  Craft stick star ornament
    33.  Craft stick nativity
    34.  Hand print camel
    35.  Fingerprint nativity
    36.  Coconut polar bear
    37.  Stained glass nativity
    38.  Craft stick holy family
    39.  Paper plate baby Jesus
    40.  Fork painted polar bear
    41.  Paper plate and cotton ball polar bear
    42.  Paper snowflakes
    43.  Paper plate snow globe

    44.  Plastic cup snow globe
    45.  Paper bowl and cotton ball igloo
    46.  Pom-pom lamb
    47.  Plastic cup polar bear puppet
    48.  Let it snow blocks
    49.  Stand-up paper nativity
    50.  Nativity Popsicle stick puppets
    51.  Nativity finger puppets
    52.  Snowstorm in a bottle
    53.  Pine cone Rudolph
    54.  Garland Christmas tree
    55.  Doily Christmas tree
    56.  Pine cone Christmas tree
    57.  Felt Santa candy bag

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Nativity - A Christmas Tradition

Usually, when I post on this site it is something new that I have tried, but I wanted to share something a little sentimental.  Ever since I was a little girl, we have re-enacted the nativity on Christmas Eve.  Now that I am older it is a delight to watch my children act out the nativity.

This Christmas Eve we performed the nativity at my parents' house.  I thought I'd share our nativity with you.


Here's my little shepherd.  I especially liked Bud's towel hat.

Two gorgeous angels.  I wrapped them in sheer curtains and added some garland for sparkle.  My girls love sparkle.

Here's my attempt at some fancy hair.  I don't do hair like this often, so I had to snap a picture.

The shepherds were sore afraid (especially of the sick little angel who had to wear a mask all night).

The shepherds went to see the baby Jesus.  The angels sang.  My new little nephew was an adorable baby Jesus.

The wise men brought gifts for the baby.

Re-enacting the nativity will never get old.  I love celebrating my Savior's birth each Christmas!

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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Graham Cracker Houses & Waffle Cone Trees

Making graham cracker houses takes me back to elementary school days.  My graham cracker house making has improved quite a bit since then (if I do say so myself).  While my sister was in town we got together and made houses together.  The house above is hers.  Didn't she do a fabulous job?!  See the little cinnamon bears sitting around the fire?  So fun!

I knew that making the houses stay up might be a little bit difficult for my munchkins, so I gave them waffle cones to make into Christmas trees.

Here is Goofy's tree.  She was almost as excited to make it as she was to eat it.

Princess put all sorts of candies on her tree to decorate it.

Here are all of the graham cracker houses we created:

Let's take a closer look...

This is the bell tower my little sister and I created.  We combined a few of our favorite things.  There's Quasimodo bear pulling on the rope to ring the bell, Whos in Whoville dancing around the Christmas tree, and barrel riding bears from Lord of the Rings in the river.

This is my big brother's creation.  It looks like a cozy little cottage.  I love his shingled roof.

Next, we have the church my brother's friend made.  I love the stained glass window!

Finally, here is the airport that my brother's friend made.  Isn't it creative?!  Look at the roof.  And let's not forget the airplane on the runway!

Who knew that there were so many ways to make graham cracker houses and waffle cone Christmas trees?

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Friday, May 1, 2015

Felt Christmas Tree


I haven't posted for quite a while because I thought I had lost most of my pictures.  Lo and behold, as I was organizing pictures on my computer I FOUND THEM!  Yay!  Yay!  YAY!

That being said, get ready for a barrage of pictures and posts.

To start, here is a little Pinterest success story.  I have seen many felt trees for kids on Pinterest.  My felt collects dust in a bin in my closet and I finally decided to use it.

First, I covered a foam board from the dollar store with white felt.  I then cut out a large, green Christmas tree.  I created a star, ornaments, candy canes, and holly berries to go on the tree.  Embellish with jewels and you're done.

My kids had a blast decorating their own little tree and now I have a flannel board for other crafts.  Win-win!

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Dress Up Santa Christmas Party Game

I always like to have a party game that's a little silly/crazy.  I also like to tease my dad whenever I can (because I love him).  So this year, I came up with this Dress Up Santa Game.  Feel free to use it to torture someone at your next Christmas party.

I asked my dad & mom, and sister & brother-in-law to participate.  The girls acted as Santa's arms.  I read a little story that went something like this:

"It's Christmas Eve and Santa needs to get ready for his big night.  First, he puts on his hat."

"He puts on his spectacles and checks the list...twice."

"Santa puts on his nice, warm coat.  It can be chilly out there."  (We used robes for this portion of the activity.  I would suggest you let them put the coats on Snuggie-style or your person in the back won't be able to see.)

"Oh dear!  Looks like Santa shaved this morning.  Luckily, he can grow one pretty quickly."  (We used Vaseline and cotton balls to give Santa a nice, white beard.)

Doesn't my brother-in-law look like he has mutton chops?

"Santa is looking a little pale.  Better help him get his cheeks nice and rosy."  (We used red lipstick.)

"Time to fatten up, Santa.  Eat some cookies!"

Apparently, Santa doesn't like gingersnaps too much.

"Wash down those cookies with some milk."

"Now Santa is looking nice and plump."  (We stuffed Santa with a pillow.)

"Give us a nice 'Ho!  Ho!  Ho!' Santa.  Then go give some candy to the kids.  Merry Christmas Santa."

Santa gave out candy canes to my kids.

This activity made my laugh so hard I cried.  My dad and brother-in-law were such good sports (and I'm sure they'll get even with me someday).

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