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Saturday, June 27, 2015

General Conference Easter Egg Hunt

General Conference is one of my very favorite times of the year.  I always look forward to hearing what the general authorities are going to say.  I remember how hard it was to sit and listen to all of the messages as a kid.  We have lots of activities to keep the kids engaged during conference.

This Easter time I decided to have an egg hunt.  I put a picture of different gospel topics onto Easter eggs and filled them with candy.  Whenever the kids heard one of the words they could go find the egg with that picture on it and eat the treat.

I "hid" the eggs all over the living room.

I made three eggs for each gospel topic so that all of my kids could find one.

My little hunters ready to listen to conference.

Goofy found an egg.

Having so much fun finding eggs!

Tasty treats and uplifting messages.

How do you like to watch conference?  How do you keep your kids engaged?  Leave a comment.  I'd love to hear from you!

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

General Conference Snack Mix

Conference weekend is finally here!

This also means that I have been putting together some activities/snacks that will help my kiddos focus and listen.

We will start off our Saturday morning session with a General Conference Mix to snack on.

Each family member will be given this printable (feel free to print one out for yourself).  They must hear the words associated with each snack before they can eat it.

I think this will work pretty well for Princess and Goofy.  Bud, on the other hand, will probably just eat whatever he can get his hands on.

What are some of your favorite General Conference traditions and/or treats?

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Prepare for Conference FHE Lesson

We have had some phenomenal Sunday meetings these past few weeks: regional conference and the re-dedication of the Ogden, Utah temple.  The messages shared have uplifted and inspired me.  They have touched and strengthened my family.

Sister Nelson only spoke briefly in regional conference, but she posed a question that stuck with me: 

"How will we prepare for general conference?"  

Great question!  And one that I felt merited discussion in family home evening.  

I started out the lesson with a game.  I printed out a picture of the First Presidency and the 12 Apostles.  (Click the link or the image above to print out your own.)

I then created a board that had the names of the talks given by each of these brethren in the April 2014 General Conference and cut out the squares.

The goal of the game was to match the correct talk title with the person who gave the talk.  It was an eye-opening experience for our family.  I realized that the only talks I remembered were the ones that I had re-read.  What a testament of the importance of revisiting and studying the messages!  

I then asked the same question that Sister Nelson asked, "How will we prepare for general conference?"  I gave each family member a paper where they could list ways to prepare for general conference (pictured above).  We took time giving each other ideas and writing them down.  

Here are just a few that we came up with: 

1.  Go to bed early the night before to be awake and attentive.
2.  Watch/re-read conference talks from the April session to prepare our minds.
3.  Have paper and a pencil handy to write down things that touch you during conference.
4.  Wake up early and turn on church music to invite the spirit.
5.  Pray before each meeting for inspiration and the spirit.  

What ideas will you come up with?  

If you would like to play your own Conference Talk Matching Game print off the picture of the the First Presidency and 12 Apostles (posted earlier) and the following pictures:

You can also print off the "Ways to Prepare for General Conference" sheet (above) to discuss ways your family can prepare.  

I challenge you to read a conference talk a day leading up to conference.  I will be reading right along with you!  Leave a comment and let me know if you are in.  Feel free to share your favorite quote and your thoughts from your conference study.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

General Conference Topics Nail Painting

"These are your days to stand strong as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ." - Neil L. Andersen

General conference has come and gone.  How are you doing at applying the messages in your own life?

Out of all of the activities I have ever done to keep my kids engaged while watching general conference, this was by far my girls' favorite - not to mention that it was super cheap and easy!  I pulled out three bottles of nail polish and put a topic on each bottle.

Whenever my girls heard one of the words, I would paint one of their nails.

Here are Princess' and my toes.  Lovely, aren't they?  I am hoping that my strangely painted toenails might give me a chance to have a missionary opportunity by sharing what I heard at conference with someone.  They also serve as a reminder of what I heard and felt each day that I see them.

What are your favorite general conference activities?

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Words of the Prophets - Origami Talking Mouth

General Conference was incredible (as usual).  I loved how President Thomas S. Monson talked about speaking softly and kindly in the home.  "As we arise each morning let's determine to respond with love and kindness to whatever comes our way."  This is something that is an ongoing discussion at our house, but it always seems to be easier to rededicate myself to being kind after conference.

As you know, I am always trying to dream up new ideas to help my kids concentrate on the messages shared.  For this Sunday afternoon session we made little origami mouths.  Follow the Snapper Tutorial on Origami Fun.  My kids loved decorating their little mouths.

I cut a long, pink strip of paper for the tongue.  While they listened to conference, my kids wrote down what they heard the different speakers say.

We rolled up the tongue so that it could fit inside the mouth.  It has been a great way to remind them what they heard.

Princess loves her little mouth.

What was your favorite talk/quote from general conference?

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Friday, April 4, 2014

General Conference Fruit Loop Necklace Topics

General Conference is finally here!  After Conference it seems that everyone is a little kinder - a little more loving.

I like to do many different activities with my kids to keep them engaged in watching conference.  (Here are 30 General Conference Ideas that you can use.)  One that has been a tradition since I was a little girl is making Fruit Loop necklaces.  Here's a little tutorial if you need one.  We would make them before Conference started, then we would munch on them while we watched.  This year I thought I'd add an extra incentive to listen by associating a topic with each color.

I made the little Fruit Loop handout for my kids (above). I am so excited to see if it helps them listen.  (I will keep you posted.)

Feel free to save and use the printable tomorrow.  I hope you all enjoy conference, that your questions are answered, and that we can come closer to the Savior, Jesus Christ.

What are your favorite conference activities?  Comment below.  Share your links.  I'd love to check them out!

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Friday, October 4, 2013

General Conference Round Up

My favorite time of year is here--General Conference Time!  Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints will be eagerly sitting at home or in the conference center in Salt Lake waiting to hear the words of the prophet and apostles.  I love being uplifted by the wonderful messages shared.

Each year I like to have quiet activities for the kids while they listen to conference.  This makes it a more enjoyable experience for all.  I have scrounged around and found a couple of conference activities, traditions, packets, etc. that you can enjoy with your family.

  • Build a Temple: Use legos, sugar cubes, marshmallows, pillows, or blocks to build a temple.
  • Conference Basketball: Set up a basketball hoop (or a bucket the kids can throw a ball into).  Make three different lines where the kids must shoot out of masking tape.  On the masking tape write different words for them to listen for.  If they hear the word they get to shoot a basket and earn a treat.
  • Conference Binoculars and I-Spy: Make some toilet paper binoculars.  Let kids look through the binoculars as they watch conference.  Have them look for certain things (eg: the prophet, a blue tie, a plant, a picture of the conference center, etc.). 
  • Conference Board: Make a conference board full of activities.  Click the link for more.  This conference board is darling! - Jon Lund Our Family Blog 
  • Conference Cash: Give your kids conference cash.  As they sit quietly to listen they earn more.  Then they can buy prizes.  Click the link to see more.  Super cute! - Somewhat Simple
  • Conference Corners (4 corners): Fill up 4 buckets with treats.  Label them with a code word to listen for.  Place the buckets in 4 separate corners of the room.  When a word is heard let the kids run to the corner and have a treat. 
  • Conference Jenga: Set up a game of Jenga.  Put words or pictures of things that might be spoken of at conference.  Whenever the word is heard, remove the block.  Play until the tower falls over.  Click the link to see more detail. - Little LDS Ideas 
  • Conference Popsicle Stick Puzzles: Make your own set of popsicle stick puzzles using church-themed pictures. There are LOTS of other ideas on this site.  Check it out! - We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice in Christ
  • Hang up pictures of the First Presidency and Twelve Apostles.  Draw pictures or write down what you heard them say and hang it up underneath the picture.  A simple and sweet general conference activity.  - Lessons Line Upon Line
  • Lacing Cards: Find gospel-themed pictures, laminate, hole punch, and use as lacing cards.  
  • Sing Follow the Prophet: Do in between sessions of conference.  Discuss what was spoken.  
  • Stations: Set up a couple of quiet stations for coloring, word searches, etc.
  • Tying a Tie: Pull out some of daddy's ties and teach the kids how to tie a tie.  
  • Words of the Prophets - Origami Talking Mouth: Let the kids make origami snappers and write what they hear on its tongue.
  • Apostle Pom-Pom, Dot-a-dot, or Magnet Pages - Moms Have Questions Too
  • Church Dot-to-Dots - My CTR Ring
  • Color the speaker's ties - Scribd published by AlchemyJunk  We did this last year and the kids loved it!
  • Conference coloring pages, and Conference Squares Bingo -
  • Don't Eat Me! (Don't eat Pete game) -  Cookie Nut Creations
  • Magnetic Letter Match: Spell church words using the printables and magnetic letters.  We printed some of these out and laminated them so we could use them over and over.  They were a hit with the kids.- Moms Have Questions Too
  • Milk Cap Game: Print out the milk cap printable.  Put each picture on a milk cap.  Cut holes into a box large enough for the milk caps to go into.  Paste a picture next to each hole.  When the child hears the word associated with the picture they can put it in the box.  Or they can just match the pictures if they are still too little. Click on the link for more detailed instructions. - Moms Have Questions Too
  • Temple Match Memory - A Little Tipsy
  • Conference Countdown: The week before conference do a countdown to get the kids excited.
  • Conference Tie Pancakes: Make them before a morning session of conference  - Pieces by Polly
  • Fort: Build a fort or set up a tent in front of the TV.  The night before conference talk about King Benjamin.  Explain that the people in his kingdom came from all over to camp out and listen to him teach the word of God.  Talk about how lucky we are to get to hear the word of God from the comfort of our own homes.
  • Fruit Loop Necklaces: I remember making these when I was a little girl.  I created a printable for the kids so that they have a different topic/word per color to listen for before they can eat the Fruit Loops.
  • Wear Church Clothes: Some people will wear their church clothes to help them have the proper spirit for conference.
  • 25 Traditions: Here are 25 more traditions you can start with your family. - The Red Headed Hostess
Prepare your family before conference with THIS family home evening lesson and game.  

I hope this helps you parents and primary leaders.  Have a great General Conference weekend!

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