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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

My Little Pony Birthday Party

My silly, dress-up loving, Goofy turned four this year!

She is somewhat obsessed with My Little Pony (And who can blame her?  It's a great show!).  Naturally, I had to throw her a My Little Pony birthday party.  Let's start with the decorations.

I had to have Pinkie Pie on the front door welcoming everyone in.  I think Pinkie Pie is my spirit animal.  I just love throwing parties!

We had a couple of ponies on the doors and hanging from the ceiling.  I laminated them so that they wouldn't get ruined and the kids could play with them later.

Here's Rainbow Dash performing a sonic rain boom for Goofy's birthday.

I used tablecloths for the rainbow (you could use streamers) and stuffing for the cloud.

My kids loved playing under the rainbow.

Time for cake!  I stuck with the rainbow theme.  I used Airhead Extremes for the rainbow and marshmallows for the clouds.

Another shot of the cake.  Goofy loved it.

Ponies, ponies everywhere.

On even years we have family parties.  My parents came and celebrated with us.  They are always so generous and my kids absolutely adore them.

Goofy got some Equestria Girls dolls.  She played with them all night long.

Happy birthday Goofy.  I love watching you grow.  You are so helpful, kind to your brother and sister, and you always make mommy laugh.  I love you!

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Little Pony Activities

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My girls are My Little Pony addicts.  If I let them they would watch it all day every day.  I thought I would surprise them.  While they took a nap I set up a couple of My Little Pony themed activities they could do together.

In Ponyville we have Fluttershy with the creatures.

Here is Twilight Sparkle's reading nook.

And here are the makings for throwing a tea party with Pinkie Pie and Apple Jack.

Off to Canterlot to spend time in the castle with Princess Celestia and Princess Luna.

My kids love having puppet shows in the castle with their movable mouth puppets.  Princess helped me make it a little while ago.  We love making things with cardboard boxes.  (Check out our Where's Waldo Cardboard Box Tunnel.)

Finally, they could choose to ride on the wheeled pony or...

The hobby horses I made for them.  This is Rainbow Dash.

And this one is Twilight Sparkle.  Get the directions to make your own Hobby Horses from Pool Noodles here.

Here are the new "ponies" just waiting for the girls to find them when they wake up.

Look at Princess' face when she saw the new ponies.

She was super excited.

New ponies!

Goofy showing me Rainbow Dash.

Time to try them out.

She loves these ponies.

Off to try the new pony.

So much fun!

Trying out the different activities.  Princess really loved reading with Twilight Sparkle.

Goofy visited the castle.

Time for a tea party.

Plates for everyone.

After some play time we watched a couple episodes of My Little Pony together.

Such a fun day!  What do you like to do with your kids?  What can you make with a pool noodle?

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