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Monday, March 17, 2014

Presents from the Leprechauns

Earlier this week the leprechauns came and left us an empty pot.  We had a Treasure Hunt all week.  Each night, the leprechauns left gold coins for the kids to find in the house.  They saved them in the pot.  Last night the kids left out the pot of gold as well as their empty shoes, hoping for a present.

This is what they found this morning.  Their shoes were full of candy!

The leprechauns had taken the coins and exchanged them for a box of magically delicious Lucky Charms for us to eat for breakfast.

Princess just woke up, can you tell?

Goofy saying, "What is in here?"

Oh my goodness.  Look at all of those treats!  Let's have a closer look...

Chocolate coins, gold nuggets, green apple licorice, and green jelly beans!

Goofy showing me one of her gold coins.

Not the healthiest breakfast...all in the spirit of celebration.

Bud wondering, "What is that?"

"There's something in my shoe."


"That's better."

Princess eating her lucky charms (in a green bowl no less).

We had a wonderful morning full of surprises.

What do you do for St. Patrick's Day at your house?

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Rainbow Necklaces

Need something quick and cheap for St. Patrick's Day?  Look no further!  Your kids will love creating their own patterns and snacking as they go.

You Will Need;
Fruit Loop Cereal
Masking Tape

Cut out your yarn and put a little making tape at the end to make it easier to thread through the Fruit Loops.  Bud is wondering what is going on.

Perfect finger food!

I put a few Fruit Loops on the yarn for him, but he just took them off.

Start making your patterns.  Princess loves the rainbow.

Goofy had a hard time at first, but she caught on quickly.

I can see the rainbow!

Goofy showing mommy her pretty necklace.

Having fun.

Tie the ends of the yarn together and you're all done!

I made a necklace for Bud.  He was pretty confused at first, but it grew on him.

Didn't Princess do a good job?

Think of all of the different color combos you could make: red and green for Christmas, blue and red for 4th of July - so many options!  I like making Fruit Loop necklaces as snacks during General Conference.  (Don't forget to check out my Conference Round-Up for 30 ideas you can use during General Conference).

Happy St. Patrick's day!

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

F is for Fish Preschool Lesson

One of my New Year's resolutions this year is to be more consistent with Goofy's preschool lessons.  She deserves just as much attention as Princess gets when it comes to preschool.  I have started teaching Goofy's lessons while Princess is at preschool.  It makes it a lot easier for Goofy to focus.  I love the one-on-one time.

F is for Fish
Letter of the Day: F
Color of the Day: Pink
Number of the Day: 5
Shape of the Day: Star

Letter Sound Practice: I showed Goofy the letter F.  We practiced saying its name and its sound.  I had her repeat the phrase "F says ffff like fish" three times.

Shape Practice: I gave Goofy a sheet those cheap star stickers.

She was pretty excited about that because she LOVES stickers.  I asked Goofy what shape the stickers were.  She knew "star" right away (we have talked about that shape before many times because Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star is one of her favorite songs).

Next, I gave her a paper with the outline of the letter F on it.  I directed Goofy to create an F inside of the letter F outline on her paper using her stickers.

Bud was pretty interested in the stickers as well.

 She did a fabulous job with this activity.  I was concerned that she would simply stick stars all over the paper rather than create the letter F, but you can see that she did a great job.

Color Craft:  I put Goofy in an apron and gave her a paint brush.

I squirted some paint onto a plate and had her tell me what colors they were (red and white).

I asked her to mix the colors together and see what happened.  She was so excited when they turned pink!

On her paper titled "5 Fingertip Fish" I asked her to put five pink fingerprints on the page.

She followed my directions really well.  We let the paint dry.

Once the fingerprints were all dry, we used a Sharpie marker to turn them into fish.

Food Activity:  Of course, nothing beats Goldfish, known simply as "fish" at our house.  Goofy gobbled them up while the paint dried on her art project.

One happy little learner!  These food-themed preschool lessons have proven to be so much fun.

In case you missed them, here are the other food-themed lessons so far:

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