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Friday, May 1, 2015

Thanksgiving Photo Booth

Say Cheese!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to get together with family, remember that we've been blessed with, and stuff ourselves 'til we nearly pop.  Whenever my family is together I like to take pictures (because I'm a scrap-a-holic).

Usually, we sit together in a big group and smile...

Yep, just like that - because why mess with tradition?  (We were holding up a letter O for my cousin who is on a mission.  Her mom was making her a banner and each family held up a different letter.  Now you know, nosy!)  

I also wanted to take a couple less formal pictures.  I decided to do a Thanksgiving Photo Booth.  First, I needed props.  Pinterest saves the day again!  I found a couple of free Thanksgiving photo booth props HERE.  Princess loved coloring all of the props.

Once your props are done, grab a camera and snap away!

You can tell that Goofy was overjoyed to get her picture taken.  

One cute little Indian girl.

Fighting over a drumstick.

My little sister is so cute and fun.

We got a little crazy.

PIIIIIIEEEEE!  (Admit it, pie is the best.)

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